Creating Web Sites that Succeed

Have you ever visited an Internet web site only to be disappointed in its content? Would you return to that site in the future or purchase products as a result of your visit?

Your business web site should:
  • Convey a marketing theme consistent with other marketing material.
  • Provide visitors with a feel for your business' products and services as well as your mission, vision, and organization.
  • Give visitors ready access to contact information within your company.
  • Assist visitors with product/service selection.
  • Be professionally constructed and consistent with production standards used in other marketing media.
  • Be regularly updated and enhanced.

We help you go one step further. Our goal is to help you implement a web site that sells your company and its products and services.

We do this by:
  • Identifying your Internet expectations.
  • Implementing those expectations in a web site design.
  • Assisting you with communicating your web site presence to your customers.
  • Developing electronic commerce solutions tailored to your products, services, and customers.
  • Ensuring that your web site is up-to-date and provides visitors with material that can make a sale.

Our design process starts with your expectations and requirements. We examine your existing marketing material and learn what your business does. We put ourselves in the place of your customers to determine an effective Internet design. Then we develop a prototype web site for your review. Upon your approval, we create the entire site.

Once your web site is deployed on our Internet servers, we keep your site up-to-date and allow you to monitor its effectiveness with monthly on-line statistics. If you choose any type of electronic commerce solution, we ensure that orders are promptly processed and transmitted to your company.

More information about our services is available on our Capabilities Statement.

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