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CyberVillage Networkers, Inc. (CVNI) is an ISP that serves businesses and organizations only -- no personal accounts are provided. This dedication allows us to focus all our attention on the businesses that choose us as a provider. We provide those businesses with:
  • Web site development, hosting, and maintenance.
  • Section 508 compliance for Intranet/Internet and multimedia.
  • Experienced and successful e-business consulting.
  • Flash, audio/video production and streaming, animation, morphing, scrolling/changing display, and other special effects programming.
  • Banner ad design.
  • Secure on-line e-commerce purchasing and customer tracking.
  • Connection of legacy databases to your web site.
  • Programming of new databases.
  • Secure Members Only sites for organizations and companies.
  • Email newsletter services, including writing and publishing.
  • Registered domain names (for example, "").
  • CD multimedia and print collateral for your complete marketing and communications needs.
  • Email and business related newsgroups.
  • Detailed web site visitor statistics.
  • Dedicated, managed hosting.
  • Distance learning design and management.

Our hardware and software capabilities include, but are not
limited to, the following:

  • Dedicated web site, email, database, email list management, and Intranet servers plus additional servers for WWW authoring and site maintenance.
  • Associated ethernet and routing hardware.
  • Multiple, redundant T1 connections to Internet.
  • Redundant back-up power, hardware and software, and other critical infrastructure components.
  • In-house marketing, multimedia, and graphics capabilities.
  • SQL Server, Java, RMI, C, C++, JavaScript, ASP, and other advanced programming capabilities.
  • Secure servers, data transfer, and storage provided through SSL, 3DES VPN, and other secure technologies for e-commerce and HIPAA requirements.
  • Remote site maintenance for network administrators.
  • Daily backups, or as required.

Find out how CVNI can create a web site that sells your company and its products and services. See our Capabilities Statement for additional information.

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