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Highly Qualified Woman Owned Small Business with Proven Experience
GSA Contract GS-35F-0154

CyberVillage Networkers, Inc. (CVNI) is an Internet/Intranet Software Development and Marketing firm headquartered in Ellicott City, Maryland. We are a team of talented senior technology consultants, engineers, marketers, graphic artists, and designers dedicated to the effective design and implementation of Government, business, and organization Internet/Intranet sites, web-enabled applications and knowledge management. Our staff has extensive experience in engineering and management of high-tech companies. Our clients rely on our expertise to help them streamline and promote their services, products, and organizations using the following web-enabled technologies:

  • Learning Centers
    CommunicatePlus (TM) -  Advanced email broadcasting technology, which merges and delivers email newsletters according to schedule.
    • On-line seminars and training/reporting management supplemented with dedicated list serves for student participation.
    • Customer use includes: U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine ( and

  • Electronic Commerce
    • In-house developed and deployed Shopping Cart systems that enable visitors to place orders on-line, and allow easy and secure, on-line credit card payment processing.
    • Customized transaction-tracking system to warehouse data and to direct appropriate sales information to seller, customers, and individual suppliers.
    • Customer use includes: Serv-O-Link Corp; Northern Virginia Association of REALTORS®.

  • Database Applications

  • Specialized Application Services
    • Design, development & integration of customer relationship management and other data tracking systems to enhance customer service and business/data management.
    • Applications written in C, C++, and Java that present information tailored to the clients' customer service and business procedures, allowing site visitors, managers, sales, or tiered Need to Know DoD personnel to see selected results of those processes.

  • News Delivery and Personalization Application
    • Personalized XML, SQL database, and fuzzy-logic based news delivery system in which data is properly classified, retrieved, and matched against consumer interest.
    • Patent Pending 10254216 on CVNI-developed remote data collaboration and retrieval process

  • Newsletters and Mass E-mail

  • List Management Services - CommunicatePlusTM
    • Advanced email broadcasting technology, which merges and delivers email newsletters according to schedule. Email newsletters can be customized by region, groups, traits, or interests.
    • Email marketing and email newsletters designed, written, and delivered for your unique sales and promotion needs.

Corporate Profile

CVNI is located in Ellicott City, Maryland and is incorporated in the state of Maryland. Our principals have 68 years combined experience managing engineering companies and implementing successful, integrated hardware and software solutions. They also have backgrounds in marketing and computer software development. Their educational experience spans multiple Master of Science degrees from Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas at Arlington, and Bachelor of Science Engineering degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and Illinois Institute of Technology.


CVNI provides its clients with the ability to project their identity onto the Internet in a manner that:

  • Provides information that enhances client credibility.
  • Projects client identity consistent with their marketing programs and surpassing that of their competitors.
  • Allows feedback to the user and to the site manager in the form of an order confirmation, a study tip, a seminar grade, interactive needs assessments, or feedback in whichever form is best suited to the application requirements.
  • Allows interactive learning features often communicated as online games.
  • Develops and delivers streaming media as short film clips or as Flash movies.
  • Gives visitors the ability to instantly contact, purchase, or inquire.

We accomplish the above through the use of professional, tailored Internet Site designs coupled with the effective integration of server-based applications, databases, and services:

  • In-house hosting and maintenance of clients' Internet Sites.
  • In-house graphics design.
  • Quick turnaround time on design and maintenance.
  • Marketing experts that work with clients' marketing departments or providers.
  • In-house email marketing and email database management.
  • In-house software development using Java, JavaScript, JScript, C, C++, SQL, XML, RMI, Perl, etc
  • Internet Site Design incorporating conventional HTML as well as Active Server Pages, JSP, JavaScript, Flash/Shockwave, streaming audio and video, and other advanced Internet techniques.
  • Server-based applications that convey information to visitors yet protect the methodology and procedures which clients deem proprietary.
  • Internet Site integration with customized or existing, ERP/CRM or data management systems.

The technical tools that are used to host Internet Sites include:

  • Windows or UNIX Servers.
  • IIS or Apache Web host software.
  • Microsoft My SQL or Oracle SQL Database Servers.
  • Statistics Server, providing site statistics on a daily basis, real-time information about current site visitors
    (at increased cost and bandwidth).
  • Microsoft Exchange Email.
  • Redundantly routed, Multiple connections to the Internet.
  • 24x7 Server, Internet Site, and security monitoring.
  • Various software systems that cover graphic art development, configuration management, site backups, etc.

Customer Experience

CVNI develops and hosts Internet Sites for business and organizations that range in size from small businesses to large organizations such as Johns Hopkins. Additionally, CVNI develops, hosts and maintains Government sites. Our services to these clients typically include the ground floor work such as requirements and needs analyses up to nationwide product deployments and advertising campaigns. We desire and provide consultation such that our client's Internet presences are supportive of and well integrated with their business goals and processes.

Currently Deployed Database Applications

  • - Sponsored by several Army branches, and used by both soldiers and their families, HOOAH4HEALTH (H4H) is the U.S. Army's health information and interactive self-help site. During initial prototyping, CVNI created three preliminary site designs and implemented a survey system tied to a SQL-Server database to capture comments and preferences from Army personnel in the many participating Government branches. Each visitor's vote was stored in the database while a real-time email report of their comments was sent to the designers with an updated vote tally. This was a clean and effective use of server-based applications that greatly aided in defining's final design.

    CVNI has developed 100% of the programming, maintains over 1,000 pages daily, and hosts this popular site. CVNI is also actively involved with the Army commanders to define content area expansion, outline and execute strategic milestones, and develop cost effective budget and scheduling for this site and its off-shoot products for fiscal years 2004 - 2009.

    H4H off-shoot products include an online correspondence course, the H4H Challenge, the Annual Health Certification Questionnaire, the H4H Nutrition & Fitness Diary System and H4H CD-ROMs for health education and promotion use. H4H CHALLENGE, a program that provides successful participants with retirement credit, is being planned for DOD-wide implementation and is already approved and used by some Navy Reserve units. The AHCQ survey, database storage, and reporting system will allow military personnel to participate in regularly scheduled health risk assessments online. Its development required CVNI professionals to provide project and strategic planning in addition to front- and back-end development and implementation. Health certification information is stored and managed in a secure database and accessible on a tiered, need-to-know basis meeting both Government security and HIPAA privacy security requirements.

    Army sponsors applaud as a valuable Emergency and Deployment Readiness tool. In response to the tragic terrorist attacks of September 11, CVNI released a new section of information within 3 hours of the first attack. Additionally, troop deployment information previously scheduled for January 2002 release was posted by the weekend of September 15, 2001. The same response time was displayed for additional critical information needs during subsequent deployment and war operations.

Unique Capabilities

CyberVillage Networkers, Inc.'s military and defense experience brings strong project management and high technology capabilities to the table. The Internet experience we have from our DoD involvement allows us to foresee where the Internet can go in the future and gives us the basic building block knowledge of how it can be shaped and improved. Our experience with medical-related Internet sites has taught us how to make correct judgement calls on site content and presentation of sensitive data. Customized distance learning has become the mainstay for some of our clients and CVNI has helped them use that technology in correct and effective ways.

CVNI has a long and stable history developing and maintaining sites incorporating all aspects of web-based applications. CVNI ensures that all of the systems used to manage, collect, and report data are properly tailored to our clients' needs, designed in a well-planned form; provide rules-based feedback to validate inputs; and securely store the retrieved information with appropriate reporting.

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