health IT
We all need to be healthier.

Technology applied correctly makes healthcare cheaper and more effective.

Preventable diseases are at epidemic levels. Why not invest in prevention?

CVNI uses technology to help save lives, and motivate people to take better care of their own health and wellness.

Use it to track your daily food intake, physical activity, mood and weight! Simply record what you ate, how long you exercised, and overall mood measurement during over the day. Army National Guard Soldiers and Families have used this online health and fitness diary since 1996, and love it! People have used it to lose or maintain their weight in a healthy way. This easy-to-use tool takes less than 5 minutes per day, and will help you eat more balanced meals, exercise more consistently, and to see the influence that your diet and exercise has on mood.

Whatever your weight or exercise levels are now, will help you, your military unit, your association members, your patients, or all of your company employees improve! We have plenty of success stories from absolute beginners. A healthier lifestyle begins, and is sustained, with good habits. Ready, set, go >

Sponsored by several Army branches, and used by both soldiers and their families, HOOAH4HEALTH (H4H) is the U.S. Army's health information and interactive self-help site. During initial prototyping, CVNI created three preliminary site designs and implemented a survey system tied to a SQL-Server database to capture comments and preferences from Army personnel in the many participating Government branches. Each visitor's vote was stored in the database while a real-time email report of their comments was sent to the designers with an updated vote tally. This was a clean and effective use of server-based applications that greatly aided in defining's final design.

H4H off-shoot products include an online correspondence course, the H4H Challenge, the Annual Health Certification Questionnaire, the H4H Nutrition & Fitness Diary System and H4H CD-ROMs for health education and promotion use. H4H CHALLENGE, a program that provides successful participants with retirement credit, is being planned for DOD-wide implementation and is already approved and used by some Navy Reserve units. The AHCQ survey, database storage, and reporting system will allow military personnel to participate in regularly scheduled health risk assessments online. Its development required CVNI professionals to provide project and strategic planning in addition to front- and back-end development and implementation. Health certification information is stored and managed in a secure database and accessible on a tiered, need-to-know basis meeting both Government security and HIPAA privacy security requirements.

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