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U.S. Army Annual Health Certification Questionnaire
U.S. Army H4H Nutrition & Fitness Diary System

A prime example of CVNI's thorough and efficient approach to Government solutions is our participation in the U.S. Army program. Sponsored by several Army branches, and used by both soldiers and their families, is the U.S. Army's health information and interactive self-help site.

During initial prototyping, the Program Team created three preliminary site designs and CVNI implemented a survey system tied to a SQL-Server database to capture comments and preferences from Army personnel in the many participating Government branches. Each visitor's vote was stored in the database while a real-time email report of their comments was sent to the designers with an updated vote tally. This clean and effective use of server-based applications greatly aided in defining's final design.

CVNI has developed 100% of the programming, maintains over 1,000 pages daily, and hosts this popular site. We are also actively involved with the Team and Army commanders to define content area expansion, outline and execute strategic milestones, and develop cost effective budget and scheduling for this site and its off-shoot products for fiscal years 2004 - 2009.

Army sponsors applaud as a valuable emergency and deployment readiness tool. In response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the Team released a new section of information within 3 hours of the first attack. Additionally, by September 15 the Team posted troop deployment information previously scheduled for January 2002 release. CVNI has maintained the same response time for critical information needs during subsequent deployment and war operations.

The off-shoot products include:
The Team consists of three companies, including CVNI who is a founding H4H team member.