eBusiness Outsourcing

Actually, it feels more like partnership than like outsourcing. Of course, as in the best outsourcing relationships, we provide our customers with top-notch, responsive e-business and web development so that they don't have to support a full-time staff and expensive infrastructure. But there's a good reason for us to refer to our clients as partners ... and for them to do the same for us. We appreciate and value our clients as partners because we never lose sight of the fact that we exist to help them grow and enjoy their chosen professions. CyberVillage Networkers, Inc. (CVNI) was founded in 1996 in response to the demand for experienced e-commerce, software, and web site providers that could produce top-quality programming and graphics yet be cost-effective and accessible enough for small businesses to trust with their business. We now successfully help businesses, non-profit associations, and government agencies better promote themselves and manage their operations, all at appreciable and quickly realized ROI.

Our mission is to present our clients well to the public, to empower them to reach their market through web-enabled technologies and marketing, and to enable them to better serve their customers through web-enabled commerce, data or services delivery, and account or reports management. We strive to delight our partners with our caring responsiveness to their individual business requirements and goals, to be on call for the daily updates as well as the strategic repositionings, and to help streamline client processes through easy-to-use software applications tailored to their daily operations. We provide customer service, account management, distance learning, and other applications that are intuitive and require minimal training to use. We seek to optimize ROI and growth potential for our clients. We seek to grow through serving them and helping them grow.

We are as selective with our clientele as they are with us. CVNI realizes the importance of understanding the goals, customer base, and competitive fields of our clients. We believe in the value of the products and services our clients deliver.

Call us at 410-579-1993 (local) or 866-541-6140 (toll free), or email us at We would be happy to review your business management and/or business development needs and determine how we can help.